Utilities for controlling the stack order of an element.

Class Properties
z-0 z-index: 0;
z-10 z-index: 10;
z-100 z-index: 100;
z-20 z-index: 20;
z-30 z-index: 30;
z-40 z-index: 40;
z-50 z-index: 50;
z-60 z-index: 60;
z-70 z-index: 70;
z-80 z-index: 80;
z-90 z-index: 90;
z-auto z-index: auto;
Basic Usage

With z-index you can control the stack order (or three-dimensional positioning) of a element.

<MudAvatar Class="z-30 ma-n2" Color="Color.Primary" Size="Size.Large">M</MudAvatar>
<MudAvatar Class="z-20 ma-n2" Color="Color.Secondary" Size="Size.Large">U</MudAvatar>
<MudAvatar Class="z-10 ma-n2" Color="Color.Tertiary" Size="Size.Large">D</MudAvatar>

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