MudBlazor Roadmap

MudBlazor is stable, the number of bugs has gone down dramatically and further development is going on at a slow rate the moment. Since this is a non-commercial project we rely heavily on our users for bug fixes. We try to review and merge important bug fixes as soon as possible. If your bug-fix PR is overlooked, make sure to tag a team member.
Future .NET Versions

.NET 7 is fully supported. Supporting future .NET versions is our top priority.
Upcoming Breaking Changes

Since we have put off breaking changes for a very long time, we'll merge all breaking changes and remove all obsolete parameters when we move to v7. Don't panic, we'll announce a release date for v7 when we feel confident that we can hold it. For all who can't upgrade their projects to v7 we will maintain v6.x for some time, primarily by merging your bug fixes and backports.
Future Lookout

We do our best to review and merge your bug fix PRs. Please don't expect the team to fix bugs for you, everyone participating in this project is doing it on their own precious free time and it is simply impossible for us to provide free support for everyone. That being said, we feel responsible for MudBlazor and will keep it going for a long time to come at a sustainable cost of free time by merging important bug fixes and the one or other new feature if significant.

Contributions from the community are what made MudBlazor successful in the first place and keep this project going. If you are an experienced developer, well versed in any of the technologies C#, Blazor, JavaScript, or CSS and you want to give something back and push the project forward then please contact the team on Discord. You can join our contribution team channel, discuss with other team members what you want to do to help and start making a difference on this very roadmap.
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