What is MudBlazor?

MudBlazor is foremost a project to empower developers using Blazor. Following this vision, MudBlazor is a component library and is on its way to becoming a robust ecosystem.

The vision: Empowering Developers to use Blazor

For technology to thrive, many different circumstances need to come together. Early on, we saw vast potential in Blazor and wanted to contribute to the success of this technology in our way.

First step: MudBlazor as a component library

What was missing was an easy-to-use yet visually compelling component library. Providing developers with a comfortable way to produce awesome-looking UIs for their customers out of the box would make working with Blazor an even more enjoyable task. With other core principles, this idea resulted in MudBlazor: An material design inspired Blazor Component library.

What a component library does is offload everyday UI tasks from the developer. For instance, a Blazor developer wants to display certain information within a "tabbed" view. No problem: we can offer MudTab. Does a developer need a button that remembers the click state? Take the MudToggleIconButton, and there are fewer things you need to worry about.

We are happy and proud to see people around the globe and various industries using MudBlazor to make their development faster, more reliable, and create a better experience for their users.

MudBlazor is a community

Empowerment is not an act of a single person or team. We are so happy that developers are actively engaging in the MudCommunity. So many have spent (and are still spending) hours of their life to help us improve the library, asking and answering questions on GitHub or Discord, speaking at conferences, podcasts and with their colleagues, and in endless more ways. We are proud and grateful for your support and thanks for your engagement: Each day of your work brings us closer to our vision.

This incredible community has always been a driver and source of motivation. We are confident that the new products will enrich the community and provide many more opportunities to engage.

We want to invite you to join this community as well.

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