Breakpoints help you control your layout based on windows size.


MudBlazor use our own implementation of the original specification from Material design.

Device Code Type Range
Extra small xs Small to large phone < 600px
Small sm Small to medium tablet 600px > < 960px
Medium md Large tablet to laptop 960px > < 1280px
Large lg Desktop 1280px > < 1920px
Extra Large xl HD and 4k 1920px > < 2560px
Extra Extra Large xxl 4k+ and ultra-wide >= 2560px*

There is several components that utilizes the breakpoint system and can normally be configured with a parameter.


Utilizes the screen resolution and a 12 point grid system for its layout. With the 5 breakpoints you can specify the layout order on different window sizes. Read more about MudBlazor's Grid component here, you will also find different examples and use cases.


Instead of layout order, you can determine what should be rendered or not, depending on the window size and applied breakpoint. Read more about MudBlazor's Hidden component here.


MudBlazor comes loaded with CSS utilities and are well documented under the feature section. Most of this CSS classes is also available with our breakpoints.

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