Paper is a useful and flexible way to shape other components without needing css or style. It is generally used for foregrounds but can also be combined with Flex for layout.

Material Design

Paper can represent a surface from the Material Foundation. Even if you are not designing something "material", the foundations of Material Design are a pillar of MudBlazor and provide useful insight into how many components operate.


<MudPaper Class="pa-16 ma-2" Elevation="0"></MudPaper>
<MudPaper Class="pa-16 ma-2"></MudPaper>
<MudPaper Class="pa-16 ma-2" Elevation="3"></MudPaper>

If you need an outlined or square surface, use the Outlined or Square properties respectively.

<MudPaper Class="pa-16 ma-2" Outlined="true"></MudPaper>
<MudPaper Class="pa-16 ma-2" Outlined="true" Square="true"></MudPaper>
<MudPaper Class="pa-16 ma-2" Square="true"></MudPaper>

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